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Welcome to Inquisition's Regnum Tools!

Here you can find some useful tools to help you in Regnum Online.
List of the tools:
  • Grinding - calculate the number of mob kills till you level up as well as the best areas.
  • Pets - find the pet for your hunter.
  • NPCs - search for quest NPCs.
  • Mobs - search for mobs by name.
  • Areas - search for areas by name.
  • Map - an interactive map of the world.
  • Credits - list who provided you all this.


Trying to find that perfect mob to get you to the next level?
Trying to find that sweet area to grind without stopping?
Ask me, and I'll help you locate the best place to grind.


Having trouble finding that area for a quest?
Interesting in what mobs or npcs are in a specific area?
Ask me, I'll help you find information about that area.


Having trouble finding that beast or monster to finish a quest? Ask me, I'll help you locate them.


Let me find the best pet for you.


Having trouble finding that NPC to finish a quest? Ask me, I'll help you locate them.


Team Leader
Development & Design
System & Database Development, Data Mapping
Database Administration & Hosting
Database Design
Database Administration & Hosting
Special thanks to:
Testing Teams & Inquisition members

Regnum World Map

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